Give up the Ship

What do you do when distractions and False needs are controlling your life ?When they stopped feeling the same way they did about you and you know the emotions can’t be imposed upon anymore? Do you let it die a slow death or fight till you lose the war against yourself? The choice is the toughest of all. They’ve always said it’s easy to fall in love with a situation or a person or a thing, probably because it resolves your primal need to feel safe and in love or successful.letting-go-setting-bird-free

But even when you know it is slowly becoming a parasite and finishing you from within, you just can’t let go. It’s an unbearable pain to let go of a feeling or detach yourself from a very important factor in your life, it could be something as superficial as money or an opportunity with a Big buck Client or it could be about that somebody who never shared their future with you.  The only thing more unthinkable than leaving was staying; the only thing more impossible than staying was leaving.”—Elizabeth Gilbert. If ever you reach this stage, this means you’ve done all in your potential to work things to reach your goals, that you feel all the efforts and time you invested in it doesn’t make sense anymore. At this point, you question yourself if you aren’t strong enough to fight your way up. You give more value to your condition you’ll be in, if you let go of that something, and obviously it hasn’t been a pretty sight, which brings about a potent feeling of fear. What is the point of a fear if you can’t overcome it? If you hold on to those toxic situations or people just because you’ve spent too much time in the misery and now you’re enjoying being in the place of dead, then you’re basically setting yourself up to lead miserable life. It is a Void, it doesn’t go anywhere, certainly won’t letting you go anywhere. There is a certain power in letting go. You feel a lot more peaceful and serene than holding on to something that gets your heart heavy every day. If you’re brave enough to say Goodbye, life will reward you with a new Hello. Endings are not bad, in some cases they’re bridging you to new conditions.

See things as it is, not how you want them to be. This is not our imaginary realm where things happen our way. In reality, things are accepted on face value. If someone else got what you’ve been praying for, then this blessing wasn’t written for you. If the opportunity just passed by you, it probably didn’t want you to hop on the train because something better is on its way. Forgive yourself to let go some parts of you that dim your light.25553221353_1246d0e885_b


Radiate Love.


Rejection Proof

Had sleepless nights pondering on how things are going to be if they don’t work out as per your Will ? How rotten the consequences will be, if you ever talk your heart out and they don’t feel the same way? What if I goof the ladders up to success? Happens a lot to everyone, and most commonly found among people with low self-esteem, who deprive pride in their lives. How well can you handle Rejection? How keen are you to take the risk of making a decision that could make or break your life? It is such a routine for us to even realize that we suffer from the fear of Rejection.  It is nothing but a fear of getting dismissed or refused on an idea or a proposal. And it could happen to anyone of us.

Rejection is a common wound we sustain in our Daily lives. Unfortunately, the most damageable rejection is Self-inflicted. We feel disappointed in ourselves, for being dumped in a relationship, getting laid off by the employer, and soon enough it leads to self – criticism. We start judging the potential to do anything at all, emotionally destabilizing our need to be in the right place. This feeling starts to dwell upon you so much that you start enjoying the pain. So much so that you tend to socially lapse yourself. Scientifically speaking, Self-injury has a paradoxical effect in that the pain self-inflicted actually sets off an endorphin rush, relieving the self-harm from deep distress. “Self-inflicted pain has a calming effect; it clears the head, diminishes one’s fascination with the ego, and most important, gives one the sense of having taken some real action against the everyday foolishness of the body and of the vagrant, willful, heedless imagination – beautifully quoted by Valerie Martin, in her book, A Recent Martyr”. A Better prospect to this is that there are several healthier ways to deal with Rejection; Advancing your Social Connection remains one of many ways to cope with rejection.

Having to meet the right kind of people, the non-toxic kinds, it is a bliss and not a lot of us are lucky to surround such high frequencies around us all the time. Re-camp to know your Self- worth. The world is only going to bring the worst things on the plate for you, if you are being harsh on yourself. Despite, having a life that is a series of mishaps, what matters the most is that you survived it. Life is hard, but what is the point about worrying over something you can’t control. Let it go. Suit up, and Swing your World around.



Radiate Love.

The theory of Self – Concept.

self-esteemHow to define what is important to pay attention to? Can a comment by your colleague, ruin your ideology or your beliefs? To get bothered by someone who resents you for being yourself? Why should you really care? It all comes into being by massive hard work of our Self – concept.

All of us, each one of us are here with a purpose.  And the fact that the majority of us are still unaware of the high power inhabiting within us and continue to mind others matters, is upsetting to look at. We all develop a Self concept over the course of our actuality. Self Concept is an idea that is constructed by the beliefs that structures our thought process, values that teach us ethics, and help us respond to others. In fundamental terms, Self Concept is nothing but a mental image of who you are as a person. It is composed of two key parts; Individual identity and Social Identity. Individual identity defines a personality trait or other characteristics that makes a person unique, Social identity includes the groups we belong to including our community, religion, college, and other groups. Self – concept by the way doesn’t necessarily have to coincide with the reality. People may inflate the Image of themselves to know more than they actually do, meaning they may consider themselves to be better at something than they really are, similarly people also have a self image that exaggerate their flaws and weaknesses. Self esteem is how much you value yourself. Several factors impact self esteem, including comparing yourself to others and how others respond to you. When we compare ourselves to others positively we are more likely to develop a positive self esteem. Ideal Self, is the image you wish yourself to be.
Self concepts are not always perfectly aligned with reality. But having said that, self concept needs to be developed through the way you perceive your reality.  It is only a matter of having an idea of who you are and how you want the others to see you; that is all it takes to understand what remains legitimate for you. So take in the entire superior, and give out all the beauty you see in others, you will not only rise through your conviction but also create an Aura, that’ll lead you to your higher frequency. And the rest won’t matter.


Radiate Love.

Daily Prompt: Border

via Daily Prompt: Border


Not every body knows much about the Indian History, about how our great men fought for the independence and the greater men chose to cleave out a part of the nation for all the better reasons. Somehow, the partition didn’t turn out to be the best decision for a lot of Hindus in Pakistan and the Muslims within India.

When the nation was rejoicing the freedom, some of us were demanded to leave their ancestral homes, their wealth and their happiness and move to a newer place and start a new life. Although, us kids weren’t quite there to experience that, but we feel their pain. Furthermore, we are in a state of war with a part of our nation divided by a Border, since the time of our free existence. How is it that hard for all the humans to know what they are really here for? All it takes is to think of yourself as a creation made of stardust(which by the way, is well explained by science) by an unknown, unexplained phenomena, that we basically worship rather pretend to. So many of us, are terrorizing and threatening fellow earthlings in the name of religion.Even the ones who don’t believe in any religion whatsoever, also believe that no religion teaches us or expects brutality out of you, and how. Its devastating how they have left an awful impact and that they have been so unaware. What I mean to emphasize whilst writing this post is that we all need to know that the nation is not wrong, neither is the religion, it absolutely isn’t, but these set of ruthless individuals deliberating themselves as “Humans.”

I took this opportunity to show my let-down towards, what the world has really come down to. We are programmed to live and let live, and here we are blowing each others’ brains out. This will all come to an end, by then there will either be peace on earth or we will just be an ugly history for the future earth-men.

Sense of Guilt.

shades_smallEveryone can associate with Guilt, whether it comes from making a mistake, cheating on your partner, lying to your folks, insulting the closed ones, It basically slashes deeper than any other emotions. We agonize its being, recapping it in our minds over and over again, rationalizing it, practicing the thoughts of the things you could have done differently if you were back in the same crossroad. Yet we know, there isn’t a Time Machine that could fix the mishaps. We are just stuck in the present hoping to somehow go back in time and undo things.

Eventually, we resolve the pain of guilt by plain burying it. The Torment remains, but we banish it so we can cope. And by now, the guilt is out of sight but the subconscious mind doesn’t forget any matter. This is when the real trouble begins.

Suppressing feelings ruins your self-Image, hence collapses your interactions with people. Imagine being verbally whipped every time you make a move. That is what suppressed guilt feels like, as you are insecure and doubting every action you choose. Therefore, you are raw and sensitive, and any slight critique will feel like you are in the eye of a nuclear explosion. It’s crushing, and you tend to overreact. William Shakespeare apparently once said, “Suspicion haunts a guilty mind. If you are guilty, it’s common to feel distressed that everyone is out to get you. This is another coping mechanism, projecting the unease within you onto others so you can temporarily dismiss them. A Guilt- ridden person won’t allow himself to succeed. If you did something nasty to somebody, it will prey on you, and probably fill you with self-hate. You deny yourself happiness and satisfaction, because you start believing that this is the best way of repentance.

Cleanse yourself from the guilt once and for all. Getting back in time is not an option and we learnt that suppressing is painful. Declare your mistakes, Confess. They may or may not forgive you for your wrongdoings, but you will free yourself from the pain. As easy as it sounds, gaining a life lesson can possibly turn into something favorable. So do what is healthy for you and your mind, don’t inflict pain upon yourself by suppressing things. But again, The choice is yours.



Radiate Love.


Evolution of God.


Practically all the religions tell us to believe the idea that the life on earth, the earth on its own, the cosmos, it was all an act of God. He looks after each one of us and loves us equally. Back-pedaling all the way  to the days when the Homo sapiens were hopping around looking for food. They finally understood that we were probably the most influential species, who could walk around terrorizing all the others, then we discovered fire. We began to live in groups and reproduced and when gibbering became too mainstream to express the feelings, we invented language. Must be a beautiful era though, with no verbal communication or addressing a crowd, no power of speech, just you with your wildest imagination.  Moving on… With time, they knew they had immense power and needed something greater than them to fear from.

Just after living in groups and taking up civilizations a bit too seriously, they invented God. That’s right, it wasn’t the God who actually created us, but pretty much the other way round. This isn’t me stating facts, I may be thoroughly wrong, I could be stood corrected, but there are several theories backing up this sense of evolution. I don’t mean to hurt anybody’s religious beliefs, this is one particular way of looking at it, that I strongly believe in. With people living in societies, an unexplained disease, unknown social dynamic, or a strange occurrence was said to be God’s deed. A memo from God, stating we’ve been up to no good and sacrificing lives could be the best way to please the God. Archaeology states the oldest known sculpture in the world was of an animal’s, with a few human characteristics, quite possibly a deity they worshiped. Religious chronology began when, major acceptance of Hinduism as a religion fueled around the Indian subcontinent, the settlements of communal shrines, worshiping the figurines and focusing on sacrificial ideologies. Ramayana-Mahabharata were written, Lord Vishnu’s reincarnation – Lord Krishna, Egyptian Pharaoh, Pyramids. Emergence of Jainism, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Jesus of Nazareth, traditionally been known as a patriarchal figure Abraham (Judaeo-Christian/ Islamic). The rise and fall of empires. And then Science came in to existence shattering all the religious beliefs.

Let’s face it, neither science doesn’t explicitly define our existence and nor can we entirely believe the Supreme Being embittering with all the moral authority, “God” that we all love and dread. After a long journey to what we are right now, we can either continue with our abiding faith for God, or hope for the science guys to give us the answers to the unexplained. Or just believe in ourselves, as within is where we should be seeking our God. Maybe the Spirit in us is more active than we realize. “As above so below”, The universe is the same as God, God is the same as man, man is the same as the cell, the cell is the same as the atom, the atom is where the universe came from… so on, ad infinitum. Choose yourself before your God, whatever religion you belong to. The evil practices are given the name of religion, believe me, your God, if he is really there, doesn’t want you to suffer. The ultimate goal for all us is to become the union with God, but before that become the union with you. Believe in miracles, and you’ll see that the infinite intelligence is pretty busy igniting the hearts.


Radiate Love.

Addiction to sadness

img-thingWe are undeniably attracted to the feelings around us. Laughter is contagious and misery loves company. Hence, sharing is magic; because you know you’re emptying your mind to the right audience. I may come out to be a rookie writer, who cannot stop writing her emotions down in a post, and I don’t mind being judged that way, but I shit you not; it’s very fulfilling to express your view, regardless of how people react to it.

Every sorrow you share and every joy you express, it only vacates your mind, and adds scope for new experiences and emotions. Every time you reveal your troubles, you acknowledge its existence. That is an initiative to eliminate the mess off of your head. It is important to let certain things go; To release them. It is essential to know when something has come to an end; Closing circles, completing chapters, ending an era, whatever we call it. What matters the most is to know that we cannot go back and force things to change that make you miserable. Pain prevents us from seeing things clearly, as soon as people decide to confront, with their problems, they become far more capable than what they thought they were. No one is alone in their troubles, there is someone else somewhere suffering from a similar pain, rejoicing it or thinking about it, this only gives us the strength to confront the challenge before us. There is no point dwelling on things, that can’t be altered. If there is a suffering, it’s best to concede it because it isn’t going anywhere by pretending that it isn’t there.

Granted that, life isn’t always fair to find the right set of audience, who’ll really acknowledge your concerns. But we’re all here to hat tip each other’s presence. It is highly unlikely to not find someone who’d be all ears to know what is really bothering you. Browse around, a supportive parent, an over enthusiastic colleague, I-am -sick-of-life cousin, a Pen friend, a stranger that’s continents away, write, express. You can’t tame your mind with loneliness, despair or attempt to control the uncontrollable.


Radiate love.